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Advent to New Year's Worship Schedule

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Bethel Preschool

University Lutheran Chapel

Public Worship

Saturday Evening
    Traditional Worship    5:00 PM

Sunday Traditional
  Worship   8:30 AM
Sunday Contemporary
  Worship    11:15 AM

The sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated at all services on the First, Third, and Fifth Weekends of the month.

Sunday School, 10:00 AM

  • Small Children's opening
  • Youth classes
  • Adult class

See facilities map for classroom locations.

Nursery is provided for children 3 years old and younger during both Sunday worship services and the Sunday School hour.

Gatherings During the Week

  • Ladies Bible Study 9:30 AM Tuesday
  • Men's Study and Game group 7:30 PM Monday evening
  • Men's Bible Study 6:30 AM Friday morning
  • Saturday Evening Bible Study (Sanctuary) 6:00 PM

Bedtime Stories for Advent

This is a series of short stories to help keep our children (and us!) focused on Advent and the significance of Advent during this very hectic time of year. There will be 24 stories here, one for each day of December leading up to Christmas. They are all available here by selecting the appropriate date.

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Story Titles
1. Advent is a time for waiting for Jesus [we still wait for Him to come]

2. Lighting the First Advent Candle! [Sunday 1]

3. Nobody likes to wait [Jesus waits to come to us]

4. Is your Christmas tree up yet? [So much joy about Jesus' coming]

5. Decorating Your Room [Don't forget baby Jesus]

6. Santa Clause loves Jesus very much [the real Saint Nicholas gave gifts]

7. Decorating Your Tree [we use lights to remind us that Jesus is coming]

8. Going to the store? [Jesus is our gift]

9. Lighting the Second Advent Candle! [Sunday 2]

10. Buying just the right gift for your mom or dad [Jesus IS our gift]

11. It might not snow in Texas [but it is still Jesus' birthday]

12. Yummy food and our family [everybody comes to thank Jesus for coming]

13. "Winter Holiday" is Jesus' Birthday

14. Only ten more days [counting down]

15. Hanging your stocking way up high.

16. Lighting the Third Advent Candle! [Sunday 3]

17. Are you traveling somewhere? [Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem]

18. Candles, and lights, and lights and lights! [Jesus is The Light]

19. Mary and Joseph look for a place to stay. [the story of staying with family]

20. Baby Jesus is born just like you! [came from His mom's tummy]

21. The Angels sing really loudly [and so can we]

22. Little Kids are the first to see Jesus [shepherds, little kids, are invited by the angels]

23. Lighting the Fourth Advent Candle! [Sunday 4]

24. Seeing Baby Jesus for the first time [we will get to see Him one day]

Bethel Lutheran Church's Mission is declaring the Gospel to those who do not know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, calling them into faith, while sharing and strengthening the faith of our members and fellow believers.