Terms and Restrictions

All set up of tables, chairs, etc. must be completed by group. Please note: After event all tables and chairs must be placed back in their original location as per that room specific setup.

Parish Hall and Meeting Rooms

If food or drink is served, all tables are to be wiped down from spills and or crumbs. Floors are to be swept or mopped if needed. All food is to be removed after an event, unless being saved for an individual or a specific group. If that is the case, then the food must be labeled or it will be thrown out. Remember, Still Creek Ranch picks up extra food from our events. Notify Karen and she will call them the next morning.


Counters, sink area, dishes, ovens/stove, coffee maker or dish washer all should be wiped down and cleaned. Dishwashing equipment should only be operated by trained individuals.


Trash is to be put in the trash receptacles and taken out to the dumpster. DO NOT place trash on concrete outside doors or the grass as a holding spot, use the HAMPER in table storage room to gather bags and take to dumpster. Leaking trash creates mold on concrete.